Vegan seafood from the Oh!cean

At numi foods we create next generation seafood in symbiosis with our oceans


Replacing shrimp one tail at a time !

The food system is out of balance. Mass production and excessive waste of animal based products put unhealthy pressure on ourselves, animals and the planet. 92% of the world's Co2 is stored in marine vegetation and every 6 days marine vegetation the size of Germany is being destroyed by fishing trawlers.

Pasta with our prototype shrimp alternatives

Our prototype scallop alternatives on a bed of mashed potatoes

Farmed shrimp have the 4th largest CO2 footprint within the food category. Its value chain involves unethical practices such as modern day slavery and the destruction of mangrove forests. Mangrove forests are similar to the rainforest in that it stores high amounts of CO2 and provide habitat to hundreds of endangered species. To fix this, we have set out to replace 30% of shrimp, with our alternatives by 2030. We are producing delicious seafood alternatives to give people the option to consume consciously.


We’ve set up a weekly feedback cycle with consumers and seafood lovers to have a direct feedback loop and iterate rigorously to hit all sensory aspects.


We pride ourselves in creating the next generation of seafood rich in macro and micronutrients. Nothing to worry about with your diet. Its click and fry!

Planet Friendly

Our shrimp prototypes cut up to 70% of CO2 emissions compared to conventional farmed shrimp. They're also animal-friendly!

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Meet the numis !

Numi foods was founded in 2022 by Marilena and Anton. From different ends of the world, both foodies, Marilena, a German-Japanese hybrid and Anton stemming from Australia, met in Berlin, to solve one of world’s largest problems: Reducing pressure from the food system. The co-founders are often asked whether they are vegans. Both Anton and Marilena grew up loving meat and seafood as part of their everyday diet and culture. Anton says: “If there were delicious and nutritious alternatives for all the animal-based foods I love, I would be ‘happy as Larry’ eating those.

The extent to which we consume and produce animal-based products is simply unsustainable. Let’s take minced meat or milk – I no longer need the conventional and only eat alternatives, because for me they’re as good as the real deal.” The co-founders envision a future in which alternatives will have replaced 95% of the total protein consumption.

The truth is Anton and Marilena have cut their consumption of animal-based produce by 90%, but they have the same struggle that 42% of the population have: “People are actively reducing animal-based products, but it’s just really hard when there are no convincing alternatives on the market to switch to.”

Hence, while other amazing startups and big corporations are working on solving other categories, Anton and Marilena have set out to crack the shellfish category for you. I mean, who wouldn’t love a nice king tiger prawn on the barbie, or a lobster tail at your wedding with all the upsides and no downsides. The co-founders believe their unique scientific approach to creating the next generation of seafood alternatives sets them apart. Starting at the core of conventional seafood on a molecular level, they recreate taste and texture so that their end product perfectly matches the real deal. Anton who has a PhD in Food Science and Biotechnology has been joined by Fabian and Stuti, two-world class molecular biologists to take on the quest of becoming the most knowledgeable team to recreate seafood.

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